Afghanistan joins Asian American Society of Central Virginia

Afghanistan was given a seat at the Asian American Society of Central Virgina, a non-profit community organization that was established 24 years ago by the Asian-American communities.

Khushnood Nabizada, an Afghan media leader and journalist who was evacuated from Afghanistan to the United States by the Department of States, was nominated by Julie Laghi, the chair person at AASOCV to represent Afghanistan. The nomination was approved by the board of trustee members who are the representatives of 16 other Asian countries.

The Asian American Society of Central Virginia is a diverse community group that works tirelessly in promoting Asian culture among their communities in Hannover, Henrico and Chesterfield counties.

The organization holds a grand festival every year where thousands of the Asian community members gather to display their culture through musics, dances, shows, hand-on activities, culture booths and social chats.

Khushnood Nabizada is committed to work with Afghan community members in order to contribute and take part in the activities launched by this organization.

Afghanistan is going to take active part in the 24th annual festival which is going to be held on May 21, 2022 which will include cultural Afghan dance shows, Afghan music and songs, Afghani hand-on activities and displaying tradition Afghanistan wedding and dressing culture.