Chadari, a symbol of oppression for ‘Afghan women’ is now on Amazon

This report was originally written for Khaama Press and was fires published there.

Social media users have been criticizing Amazon, one of the largest online shopping platforms for selling Afghani Burqa, a compulsory dressing for Afghanistan women. 

Chadari or Afghani burqa has now been put for sell online on Amazon with an average price of $99.00. It is a head-to-toe garment with a fence-style opening for the eyes only. 

The online promotional message on Amazon reads as ‘EVERY LADY MUST HAVE All covering, even the eyes’.

The reactions of the social media users have been mix of questioning of it was genuine or whether it is to be sold for the Western buyers as there is no Amazon in Afghanistan.

Lynne O’Donnel, a journalist writing for the Foreign Policy has tagged Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon asking him if he was really making money out of selling Chadari.

@JeffBezos — You’re really making money from the forced sequestering of women in #Afghanistan?, Lynne tweeted.

The social media posts history indicates that the product has been on Amazon for months now, but it has been just recently came to the attention of journalists and social media activists.

This comes as the de facto government of Afghanistan under Taliban announced compulsory Hijab for Afghan women to be implemented throughout the country with no exception. The order was imposted and monitored by the Ministry of Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice of Afghanistan.

The Taliban has also banned girls from going to school and universities justifying it agains the Islamic Sharia.

In a recent decree by the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, women are not allowed to work for the governmental, non-governmental and education centers until the future notice.

Taliban’s decision received many global reactions, pressurizing them to reverse it, but the Taliban leaders have said no to the international community and human rights organizations.

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