For the first time in history, two might swear-in as Presidents in one Afghanistan

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This article was originally published on The Khaama Press News Agency.

Both Ghani and Abdullah have been prepared for a ‘swear-in’ ceremony on Monday, the U.S envoy’s efforts to stop them have failed, sources said.

The U.S peace envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad held several meetings with both Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah on Sunday till late in the evening, but he has failed to convince the President and the CEO on not to take a swear-in ceremony until the issues get resolved.

Early on Monday morning, Fazl Ahmad Manawi, a key member of Abdullah’s electoral team tweeted that both ceremonies have been postponed due to mediation of the U.S peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, but later Shah Hussain Murtazawi, an advisor to President Ghani said Ghani’s swear-in ceremony will be held as scheduled.

Both events were to kick-off at 09:00 am on Monday, but due to unclear reasons, the ceremonies were rescheduled for the afternoon.

If the international community fails to drag out a solution for Afghanistan’s political scuffles, and for the first time in history, Ghani and Abdullah swear-in as the Presidents in one capital, the country will go to a crisis that will make it tough to return it back to normal.

This comes as President Ghani who has won the 2019 Presidential election is accused of systematic election frauds and the legitimacy of the election is under serious questions due to way low turnout, wherein only less than 2 million cast votes.

Abdullah Abdullah, the main rival of Ghani backed by ‘king-maker’ tribal leaders urge for the invalidation of the election results.

On the other hand, the Taliban also reacted to the disagreements on the swear-in ceremonies saying it will threaten the peace process.

“We don’t think they will make it to getting ready for the intra-Afghan talks on March 10, because of … the disagreement between the politicians that is even leading to two swearing-in ceremonies,” Zabihullah Mujahid a spokesperson to Taliban told The News.

He also added “Instead of swearing-in, we want them to focus on intra-Afghan talks. We call upon them to leave the internal disagreements, stop the swearing-in, and work for peace.”